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Usage Policy

Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP)
NOTE: Portal User is notified by an alert email of any violation of the below Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). In case of any violation Portal User login would immediately be suspended/blocked until a satisfied and valid explanation received from the Portal User for such act, otherwise, such User would be blocked from all the services and any/all service Agreements/paid subscription-plans in between PROHIRES POWERHOUSE Xoomatic and the Portal User. Portal access would be cancelled by refunding the remaining account balance. * see the "Refund Policy" section below of this AUP for the details of the refund process.

* Xoomatic reserves the right to block a subscription (even though there is no violation of the terms given below) that caused/may cause the damage to the reputation of the product, without any prior notice. Xoomatic is also entitled to modify the existing usage policy or add new terms at any time without any prior notices.

AUP - Terms
:::>     Xoomatic services/login IDs must not be shared or retailed with the third parties, either with the individuals or the companies.
:::>     Irrelevant or improper content should not be sent/distributed to the portal inbuilt recruiting contacts, such act would result in massive removals/ un-subscriptions from the members of Xoomatic Recruiting Network which would cost huge loss of the data for Xoomatic and a bad reputation in the professional front.
:::>      Portal User should only use the portal to distribute either a requirement or a valid Bench-candidate/hot-list that belongs to the USA staffing and recruiting industry only. Portal user should not distribute a requirement/hotlist that is somewhat not related to the USA staffing and recruiting industry. Distributing in-house requirements such as "Wanted Office-Boys", "Wanted Receptionists", "Wanted Recruiters" etc. is unacceptable. Portal User should not distribute the requirements that are closed or dummy/fake requirements. Distributing a requirement repeatedly in a short span is not acceptable. Using the portal to promote your business by distributing cover/promo etc. letters is not allowed.
:::>      Whenever distributing a particular requirement to the skill-wise segregated contact lists, Portal User should be extra careful in selecting a matched contact list based on required skills of the requirement i.e. Portal User should distribute a "Java Developer" requirement to either "REQUIREMENT-LIST" or "Java Developers"/any other Java related contact lists only but not to an irrelevant contact list.
:::>      A bench-candidate list/hot-list should only be delivered to the "HOT-LIST" contact list only, it should not be delivered to the "REQUIREMENT-LISTS".
:::>      A requirement lists should only be delivered to the "REQUIREMENT-LIST" or any other "skill-wise segregated contact lists" that matches with the required skill set of that particular requirement. A requirement should not be delivered to the "HOT-LIST" contact list.
:::>     If we receive any SPM/Abusive complaints for the messages that you send to your own contact-lists using the portal mechanism, we reserve the right to suspend/block your account without any prior notice and we may ask you a valid explanation and necessary action from your side to stop these complaints. In order to avoid such situations, you should make sure that you do not send any unsolicited email to your own contact lists that are imported into the portal, user must ensure that all the contacts of your own contact lists must be willing to receive your content and you should acquire these contacts with a double opt-in subscription process from your side before you import such contacts into the portal. You must handle or forward to us any/all removal requests that you receive for the messages you send out from the portal, any failure in doing so results in a suspension/blockage of your account without any prior notice.
:::>      Illegal/porn/abusive etc. content should not be sent from the portal.
:::>      Each and every email that passes through Xoomatic email engine is automatically scanned by system BOTs/content filters, and a regular and detailed log is stored for a thorough troubleshooting/investigation if a problem or complaint arises from the email recipient.
:::>      Removal-requests that the Portal User receives must be attended by the Portal User only showing professional respect towards such recipient/list-member who sent that request. Portal User should not keep sending messages to the list-contacts who have already requested a removal from that particular list. All removal requests should be entertained with utmost professional respect and responsibility.
:::>      You can only send the messages/distributions using a from email address that belongs to your company working email domain only, which you registered with us.
:::>      If any recipient of a message that was distributed from the Xoomatic portal complains against such a message, the Portal User account responsible for such message will be suspended/blocked if such a complaint is believed to be valid/genuine.

NOTE: Xoomatic reserves the right to change/update this Acceptable Use of Policy (AUP) at any time without a prior notice given to its customer(s).

The Xoomatic Way

Pre-Screening Services available for the below skills

  • Graphic Designer
  • Virtualization
  • Software Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Systems Engineer
  • Program Manager
  • Compliance
  • Back End Development
  • Visual Designer
  • Media
  • IT Security
  • Network Engineer
  • Web Development
  • Cloud Engineering
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • User Interface Designer
  • Business Analyst
  • IT Administrator
  • Software Engineering
  • Oracle Development
  • Python Programming
  • Java Development
  • .NET Development
  • User Experience Designer
  • Telecommunications
  • Application Development
  • Software Architect
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • IT Networking
  • Front End Development
  • OS development
  • ETL
  • Teradata
  • Informatica
  • Desktop support
  • Software Testing
  • SQL Development
  • Mobile Development
  • System Admin
  • IT Support
  • Systems Administrator
  • Project Manager
  • Database Development
  • Android Development